Reconciliation Action Plan

This Queensland Government Reconciliation Action Plan 2018–2021 (RAP) demonstrates the Queensland Government’s commitment to building stronger relationships between Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and non-Indigenous Queenslanders.

It will build on our collective efforts to ensure equality, equity, recognition and advancement of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples across all aspects of society and in everyday life.

The RAP includes a suite of engagement activities that will build on and strengthen partnerships and empower local communities to achieve positive and practical outcomes. These activities include an annual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-themed Cabinet, annual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Summit and establishment of a ministerial advisory mechanism.

Working together towards reconciliation

The RAP outlines the Queensland Government commitment to responsive policy development and the delivery of programs and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders.

Queenslanders will be able to measure our progress toward reconciliation through the actions of Queensland Government to reframe the relationship across three key areas: relationships, respect; and opportunities.

Annual Reporting on the Queensland Government Action Plan is an accountability framework that will track our progress.

Our vision for reconciliation

“Our vision for reconciliation is to foster and maintain respectful, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships based on an understanding and acknowledgment of past hurts that Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples have endured, and moving forward on a shared journey toward reconciliation where all Queenslanders are equal.”

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Download the Queensland Government Reconciliation Action Plan (PDF, 3.9 MB) for more information on actions, targets and government agency responsibility.

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