Many Voices: Indigenous Languages Policy

The Queensland Government Many Voices: Indigenous Languages Policy (PDF, 4.4 MB) will support Queensland activities that help preserve, grow and strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditional and contemporary languages.

Many Voices reaffirms Queensland as a state with strong cultural values, diversity and heritage. The policy aims to celebrate, enhance and make sure the many voices, stories and languages of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders are heard, seen and spoken for many generations to come.

Many Voices is an integral part of the reframed relationship with First Nations people announced by the Queensland Government in 2019, which was also the International Year of Indigenous Language. It forms part of the Queensland Government Reconciliation Action Plan.

The Queensland Government worked in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language experts to co-design and develop the policy.

One of the flagship initiatives under the policy are the Indigenous Languages Grants, co-funded by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships and the Department of Education. 

The next stage to implement the Many Voices policy will be a whole-of-government action plan of activities that build the four priority areas:

  1. Creating pathways: training and employment pathways for speakers of First Nations languages such as interpreters, teachers and linguists.
  2. Action and activation: creating language resources and expertise.
  3. Restoration and transmission: increasing the number of people speaking language, for example in early childhood development.
  4. Recognition and promotion: growing community awareness of First Nations languages, including place naming.