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Introduction to the Program Office

What is the Remote Indigenous Land and Infrastructure Program Office and how does it work?

The Remote Indigenous Land and Infrastructure Program Office is a part of Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, and was established in 2009 to facilitate in the development across 16 remote, discrete Indigenous communities in Queensland by:

  • Providing the cross agency leadership and coordination necessary to ensure extensive capital works programs are delivered quickly and efficiently.
  • Improving land management practices through the coordination of accurate survey which will provide more certainty around property and road boundaries within each community.
  • Securing 40 Year Social Housing Leases to achieve one streamlined social housing system and improve capacity for home ownership.
  • Ensuring Land Use Planning Schemes are completed for all communities which will provide each Council with information to make decisions about the sustainable use of the community’s land.
  • Facilitating Indigenous Land Use Agreements to obtain Native Title consent for 40 year Social Housing Leases, 99 year Home Ownership Leases.
  • Resolving land tenure issues in order to create certainty around the administration of land.
  • Maximising Indigenous employment, training and business development opportunities.

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Who are The Program Office, how does it work, what do they deliver and who do they engage with?
This document contains information for cross-agency protocols for government departments and their agents for land and infrastructure related matters.

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