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Family Responsibilities Commission

Implementation Review of the Family Responsibilities Commission

This report focuses solely on the findings from the Implementation Review of the Family Responsibilities Commission (FRC). This review has considered the implementation and operation of the FRC in the first 18 months of its 3.5-year term. The report highlights the progress made and recommends changes where these could help to improve the effectiveness of the FRC for the remainder of its term. It also documents what is happening in the communities of Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge and considers this in light of what was expected for the Cape York Welfare Reform overall.

Annual and quarterly reports

The Family Responsibilities Commission provide details on the operations of the Commission over the past financial year, including statistics, financial details and case studies.

Visit the FRC website for a list of current and archived reports.

Quarterly and annual reports

All quarterly and annual reports are available from the Family Responsibilities Commission website.

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