Restricted area

The Yarrabah restricted area is the Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire and includes all public and private places.

It is an offence to drink in a public place anywhere in Queensland.

Alcohol restrictions

The maximum amount of alcohol a person can have in the restricted area is limited to:

  • 11.25 litres (1 carton of 30 x 375ml cans) of light or mid-strength beer


  • 750 ml (1 bottle) of unfortified wine.

Cask wine, fortified wine, full-strength beer and pre-mixed spirits are not allowed in Yarrabah.

This amount is per person on foot, or per vehicle, boat or aircraft regardless of the number of people in it.


Maximum penalties for possessing illegal alcohol in the restricted area are:

  • first offence 375 penalty units (currently $50,043)
  • second offence 525 penalty units (currently $70,061) or 6 months imprisonment
  • third or subsequent offence 750 penalty units (currently $100,087) or 18 months imprisonment.

Vehicles found carrying alcohol above the set quantity in the restricted area may be confiscated.

It is also an offence to attempt to bring alcohol above the set quantity into the restricted area. The maximum is 375 penalty units (currently $50,043).

The maximum penalty for possessing alcohol in a dry place is 19 penalty units (currently $2,535).

These penalties apply to all people living in, travelling through, visiting or working in the restricted area.

The penalty unit from 1 July 2019 is $133.45.

Sly grog

It is illegal to sell alcohol without a licence or permit (sly grog) in Queensland. Penalties apply.

To report incidents of sly grog phone the confidential Sly Grog Hotline on 1800 500 815.

Further information

Call 13 QGOV (13 7468) for more information about alcohol limits