Closing the Gap

About Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap is a long-term framework that builds on the foundation of respect and unity provided by the 2008 National Apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It acknowledges that improving opportunities and life outcomes for Indigenous Australians requires intensive and sustained effort from all levels of government, as well as the private and not-for-profit sectors, communities and individuals.

In 2008, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) endorsed the National Indigenous Reform Agreement (NIRA) (PDF), which included 6 key targets:

  • close the life expectancy gap within a generation (by 2031)
  • halve the gap in mortality rates for Indigenous children under 5 within a decade (by 2018)
  • ensuring that 95% of all Indigenous 4-year-olds are enrolled in early childhood education (by 2025)
  • close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous school attendance within 5 years (by 2018)
  • halve the gap for Indigenous students in reading, writing and numeracy within a decade (by 2018)
  • halve the gap for Indigenous people aged 20-24 in Year 12 attainment or equivalent attainment rates by 2020, and
  • halve the gap in employment outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians within a decade (by 2018).

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