Cultural capability

We can help you access cultural capability training to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for foundation-level online training or intense face-to-face workshop sessions, you’ll find the resources and guidance to make the right training purchase decision.

  • Training purchasing

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Capability providers can be located in the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business Directory Black Business Finder.

  • Training checklist

    The training checklist will help organisations through the process of selecting a trainer. It also has links to provide post-training feedback.

  • Pre training questionnaire

    The pre-training questionnaire will help organisations identify trainers with the right expertise to deliver cultural capability training that will meet staff and organisation needs.

  • Training needs survey

    We want to hear from you about the types of cultural capability training you're interested in and will find useful in your work.


Cultural Capability Portal

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Cultural capability training strategy

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Developing cultural capability training content (methodology)