Cultural heritage studies

A cultural heritage study (CHS) is a comprehensive study of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage conducted under Part 6 of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (PDF) or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (PDF) (the Acts).

The findings of the CHS are recorded on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage register administered by the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP).

Before commencing a study under Part 6 of the Acts, notification must be provided to:

  • the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander party for the area
  • owners or occupiers of the area
  • the relevant local authority

It is also necessary to obtain consent to access the land within the study area.

There is no time limit for undertaking a study.

The Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander party for the area must be given the opportunity to be involved in the study. They are responsible for assessing the cultural heritage significance of an area under Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tradition, custom or history.

Each of the areas indicated has been recorded on the cultural heritage register.

  • Ban Ban Springs Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Area (PDF, 339 KB)

    Area description: Lot 13 on Plan MZ547

    Story Place: A recognised Dreaming Place formed by Creator Spirits who brought the water to the springs and the home to the Rainbow Serpent.

    Ceremonial Site: A sacred place tied closely with ceremonial activities that relate to birth, rites of passage and initiation that are conducted in the waters of the springs and at nearby bora grounds.

    (Report on the Cultural Significance of Ban Ban Springs November 2004 - John Richter, Senior Cultural Heritage Officer - Cultural Heritage Coordination Unit, NRW).

  • Minjerribah Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Area (PDF, 1.2 MB)

    Area description:Minjerribah Camping Grounds, North Stradbroke Island (Adams Beach, Bradburys, Amity, Adder Rock, Home Beach, Cylinders Beach, Flinders Beach, Main Beach)

    The study area contains archaeological sites and other cultural places which are highly significant to Quandamooka People. Cultural heritage within the study area is part of a broader cultural landscape and site complex on Stradbroke Island.

    (Report on the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Study Minjerribah Camping North Stradbroke Island November 2015 - Everick Heritage Consultants Pty Ltd). 

  • Mount Mulligan Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Area - Map 1 (PDF, 162 KB), Map 2 (PDF, 135 KB)

    Area description: Part Lot 5112 on HG843453

    Ngarrabullgan contains the oldest known archaeological site in Queensland, one of the oldest in Australia (Ngarrabullgan Cave), and one of the densest known concentrations of Pleistocene and early Holocene rock-shelters with cultural materials in Queensland and Australia. It is to date the only example of a landscape whereby the history of Aboriginal spirituality has been archaeologically tracked back in time. It is today at the heart of Djungan country and cultural identity. Refer pp 13 - 39, Review of Scientific Research at Ngarrabullgan (Mt. Mulligan) and Statement of Significance.

    (View of Scientific Research at Ngarrabullgan (Mt. Mulligan) and Statement of Significance, August 2004 - Dr Bruno David, Programme for Australian Indigenous Archaeology - School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University , Clayton, Victoria, 3800 and Dr Glen Ingram, Dr Mike Olsen and Gaven Renfrey - Biodiversity Assessment and Management Pty Ltd).

  • Palm Island Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Area (PDF, 184 KB)

    Area description: Part Lot 38 on CWL 3324

    The study area contains cultural and natural resources that are significant to the Manbarra Traditional Owners as a definite and tangible link to traditional and more recent aspects of their heritage. The area contains artefact scatters, shell middens, scarred trees and a dugout canoe. The sites all indicate a high degree of intactness and interconnectedness.

    (Assessment of the Cultural Heritage values of a section of South Eastern Great Palm Island 2009 - Elizabeth Hatte, Northern Archaeology Consultancies Pty Ltd).

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