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People & communities

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage

    The Cultural Heritage Unit provide effective recognition, protection and conservation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family history

    The Community and Personal Histories' team can help you use historical records to research your family and personal history.

  • Cultural capability

    Information for organisations to support the purchase of cultural capability training that meets staff and organisation needs.

  • Know Your Community

    Know Your Community is an online platform which enables anyone to build a community profile containing information and data about Queensland's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the communities they live in.

  • Protocols for consultation

    These protocols for consultation documents were created in 1998 to provide guidance for people when consulting with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander individuals, groups and/or communities. The information in the documents is general in nature and may apply differently in each community.

  • Regional centres

    The department has offices across Queensland with service centres located in major regional centres.

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