William Haupt

William Haupt is a proud Kooma and Mardigan man.

"I'm passionate about my culture. I'm also passionate about teaching youth about Aboriginal artwork and the culture. I show this by the dances my dance troupe perform and the artwork I paint," says William.

William's Uncle Bill and Steven Johnson or "Didge" shared their culture with William by telling stories, art and music to give William the inspiration to keep his culture alive and to show the community just how proud he is to be Aboriginal.

"I believe I am making the community more aware of the Aboriginal culture through my dancing and artwork," he said.

William has his own dance troupe "Kooma Didgeri" and it consists of 10-15 young people. William believes that his dance troupe is making a difference.

"I like to think I'm keeping young people off the streets by showing them that there is something out there."

Kooma Didgeri has performed at events such as Oakey NAIDOC Celebrations and the Toowoomba Show. William has also had the pleasure of performing at Creative Generation State Schools on stage.

William has received regional, state and national awards including the Young Volunteering Youth of Queensland for Arts and Music award and he has been awarded nationally for his artworks and performances on the didgeridoo.

One of William's goals is to become a Bush Ranger and keep teaching young people Aboriginal art, music and dancing.

"My culture means a lot to me; Aboriginals are one of the oldest cultures in the world. I show how proud I am through my artwork and dancing".