Warren 'Charlie' Waters

Warren Waters, better known as Charlie, is a Kamilaroi man born in Toowoomba and raised in St.George in South West Queensland. Charlie is currently the Director of W&S Waters Pty Ltd a multi purpose Aboriginal owned and operated company that works across a number of fields from cultural programs through to supporting sporting teams, youth, Elders, community organisations, government and not-for-profit companies. His motto is 'always leave inspirational footsteps'.

Since leaving Year 12 in 1989, where Charlie was the school captain, he had a lot of family and people influence his life but the ones that stood out the most were his school teachers. They left big footsteps in his cultural pathway with many traits that they embedded in Charlie which enabled him to thrive with passion and pride.

"My teachers made my life so easy - their influence on me created pathways," Charlie said.

"My motto is what it's all about. Support those around you, give more than expected and challenge the challenges."

Having worked for a couple of Government departments, Charlie gained a lot of knowledge and skill from his Indigenous colleagues that he had the pleasure to work alongside with. With a lot of ups and downs going from contract job to the next Charlie knew that it was time to make a change and breakout on his own and so formed W&S Waters Pty Ltd.

Charlie formed this company along with his wife Sheree which in the first stages saw them build on the delivery of vocational education and training. They delivered business and hospitality courses across Toowoomba and South West regions. From there many partnerships were formed taking the company into providing skill development and mentoring programs within the mining, gas, transport and agricultural sectors.

Charlie has delivered cultural awareness and capability programs for over 20 years to not only educate other Australians but to support them to thrive productively while working with Indigenous people.

Charlie currently works within Aboriginal communities and along with Aboriginal community workers to help build a foundation of progress and energy that supports individuals and the community they live in.

DESCRIPTION: Photography by Lyle Radford.