Veronica Pegler

Veronica is a descendant of the Kullulli people on her father's side and Birri Gubba on her mother's side.

"This is my identity, my heritage, my soul."

Veronica's parents have always been involved with youth in Toowoomba when Veronica was growing up. The passion, drive and commitment they have shown, has rubbed off on her as she is following in their footsteps by working with young people.

"My mum and dad's knowledge and wisdom have made me the person I am today. I will endeavour to pass this onto my son to allow him to follow in my footsteps and his grandparents and their parents before them."

Veronica has lived in Toowoomba all her life and has been blessed to work within the Department of Communities, Youth Justice Service for the past nine years as the Program Development Officer.

Veronica's son is one of her biggest achievement in life. "I grow with Wally-Jay everyday as I learn from him as much as he learns from me," is what Veronica says about the relationship between her and her son.

She is currently employed as the Community Education Counsellor at Toowoomba State High School, Mt Lofty Campus where she provides educational counselling and support services to ensure that the best possible assistance is available to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students and the community.

Veronica's journey in life has shown her she is able to achieve her goals and dreams by being determined, committed and strong willed.

"Education, Education, Education," is the advice Veronica has for young Indigenous people. She believes that everyday for this to happen we need to acknowledge, respect and instil integrity as a part of our lives to family and friends.

"I'm proud of who I've become as a mum, daughter, aunty and a friend."

"I believe that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become," is a quote that Veronica likes to reflect.