Vera Short

Vera, a Wakka Wakka woman from Eidsvold, was 19 years old when she moved to Ipswich. Coincidently she moved there on the same day that the city experienced a flood crisis in 1974.

Such a crisis would have seen many people change their minds about moving there, but not Vera - she has been heavily involved in the Ipswich community ever since.

Vera started out by volunteering her time to sit with children at the police station all hours of the night and early morning.

Following this, she was instrumental in setting up a local Blue Light Disco and her support of children continued when she became a Liaison Officer with several schools.

"I have been and continue to be involved in sports in the schools," she said.

"I used to take kids on trips and the kids approach me and remind me of how memorable the trips were to them and now ask about these trips for their own kids."

Vera was also influential in the establishment of the learner's permit program in Ipswich. Two years ago she travelled on public transport with her granddaughter to Inala to get her learner's permit and whilst there approached the organisers to bring the learner's permit program to Ipswich. Since then Vera has helped over 300 community members in Ipswich obtain their learner's permit.

Today Vera is a current board member of Kambu Medical Services - a role she has held for several years. She also actively promotes traineeships to high school students.

"It's about increasing prospects for employment opportunities for our young people," Vera said.

"It's important that our kids think about traineeship opportunities and get their learners/license before finishing school to increase their chances of employment."