Elysia Saunders

My name is Elysia Saunders and I am a Kamilaroi girl, born and bred in St George and still residing there today.

Before commencing my employment in the community services industry I had a rough start. I didn't finish school as at 16 I fell pregnant and again at 18, then once again at 20.

So here I was at 21, three children and no official completion of education. Since then with the support of my amazing partner and family I have been able to complete study in Community Management through Macquarie University in Sydney and recently finished a Certificate IV in Community Development.

Over the last 10 years I have worked in the areas of health, health promotion, training and employment and more recently supporting families with children with a disability.

I have a real passion for my community and my role in how my community can progress. One avenue of support to my community is my involvement with the Negotiation Table process as a community co-chair.

Through the Negotiation Table process and my position as a community co-chair I am able to work closely with my community and government organisations via a collaborative arrangement. The process allows the community to highlight priority areas of concern to government organisations and address them in an open forum where agreements to potential resolutions are finalised.