Eddie Cambo

My name is Edward Combo and I am Wakka Wakka man.

I was at risk of dropping out of school and entering the justice system. I was walking around late at night and getting into trouble with the police.

During NAIDOC Week 2011 I participated in a 'Come and try' day at the Murgon Golf Club which was organised by Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships through their Learning Earning Active Places (LEAP) Program.

Fourteen young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people from Cherbourg and Murgon took part. I liked the game very much and attended all the coaching clinics conducted at the Murgon Golf Club whenever I could.

Many of the Club's senior members were impressed with my skills and commitment and offered me tips and assisted me to obtain clubs, buggy and Club shirt.

Professional golfer, Mat Victorson, from the Sunshine Coast was impressed with my skills, and encouraged me to participate in the Queensland Indigenous Golf Championships in Murgon 15 - 17 March 2013 where I collected the Best Overall Nett trophy and prize.

First time won by a junior. It is my intention to play in the South Burnett Junior Golf Championship where, if I can lower my handicap I may be able to compete at the National Youth Golf Championship later this year. I am told that here has never been an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young person competing at the National Championship.

Since I began playing golf my whole life has changed. I am staying out of trouble, my attitude and general outlook is better than 18 months ago. I also volunteered to assist other Club members with cleaning up the course following the January 2013 floods.

I want to tell my story so it may inspire other young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to chase their dreams and that there are people out who really care.