Deena Dodd

Deena Dodd comes from Gunggari people, around Mitchell QLD.

Being one of twelve children Deena learnt at an early age to stick to her guns and to negotiate everything, problem solving, risk management, and empathy became second nature as a child. Having twelve children, my mother, and father were always busy and a full house was standard.

We grew up with hand me downs and having to share everything.

Deena was taught to be positive and focus on the best in people and get all the facts before acting. "I got by at school but never had any expectations placed on me; I was told that I could probably get a job in a servo because I just wasn't that smart.

After leaving school Deena realised she could achieve. "I'm not dumb, I just learnt differently,." Deena's learning style meant a visual hands on way of learning, later she realised that this learning style was common in our people, "our first teachers are our parents/grandparents and peers".

"My family are my source; I've learnt so many lessons from them over a cuppa and a yarn."

Today Deena is driven by her desire to find and provide assistance to community, which is why Deena has always pursued positions in the Education, Training and Employment sectors.

Deena is currently employed by Life Line Darling Downs, South West Queensland Ltd. In this role Deena is responsible for the facilitation and promotion of regional Indigenous training, work experience and employment opportunities. "I love the challenges this role brings and embrace this as a fabulous opportunity to support communities with the choices they make and strive to achieve".

Deena's favourite quote is from Nelson Mandela, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are all powerful beyond measure."