Debra Anderson

Debra Anderson was raised by her Aunty who is an Eidsvold Elder and from the Willi Willi tribe. Debbie was born and raised in Toowoomba and her husband is from the Wakka Wakka tribe in Gayndah.

"I'm proud to be a Murri woman born from an Aboriginal father and raised by an Aboriginal Elder," is what Debbie said about being an Aboriginal person.

As a teenager she was kicked out of high school but it was the Indigenous worker Jack Gibbs who would go and visit her and the other murri kids at school. Debbie remembers Jack saying to her, "Believe in yourself, try hard, work hard and things will come your way." This is something that she has never forgotten and is very grateful for.

"Never give up on what you want in life and believe in yourself, as there will always be someone who believes in you as well," Debbie says.

Currently employed at Toowoomba Regional Council, Oakey Service Centre as a Community Support and Referral Officer, Debbie's job is to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members with issues such as housing, health, employment, youth and referrals.

"I hope I can achieve as much as possible within my role at Toowoomba Regional Council at Oakey," is what she has said about her job.

Debbie is inspired by the encouragement and motivation from community members such as Jodie Collins and Sherilee Laine from the Oakey Reconciliation Group. Debbie also believes that you have to surround yourself with motivated, respectful and positive role models whether they are Indigenous or non-Indigenous.

"Aboriginal people can achieve greatness in work and life, there will be hurdles but you can do it," is what Debbie believes.