Courtney Short

Courtney Short is a descendant of the Wakka Wakka from Eidsvold.

Completing Year 12 was a big achievement for Courtney and she has the school principal to thank. He would often remind her that she didn't have to be like other young people. She had a good family and the impact she was putting on her family from her behaviour were affecting them negatively. At school Courtney was encouraged by the school Liaison Officer and her Nan to apply for a traineeship that was being offered by the National Australia Bank.

Courtney was successful in obtaining the traineeship and is now employed as a full time Customer Advisor. Getting the traineeship allowed her to get her life on track.

"I feel happy when I put a smile on customer's faces." Courtney said.

"There are heaps of opportunities for Indigenous people as long as you stay strong to who you are, you will get ahead in life."

Courtney's passion is playing Rugby League. She has enjoyed playing the game of tackle at high school, for the Ipswich North Tigers and now for the West End Bulldogs. In 2011 Courtney played in the Simo Memorial Ipswich side and was also one of three girls selected in the Queensland Emerging Squad.

Being affected by the floods in Ipswich, Courtney felt it first hand and she one day would like to give back to the community by becoming an SES volunteer. Courtney's other goals are to become an Australian Rugby League player, as well as a Branch Manager of National Australia Bank.

Courtney believes that people are changing the way they think about young Aboriginal people, "There's always hope you just got to find the right door to go through."