Cheryl Moggs

Cheryl Moggs

My name is Cheryl Moggs.

I was born to an Irish father and an Aboriginal mother in the Goondiwindi region and I am a proud descendant of the Bigambul people of Goondiwindi, Bungunya and Toobeah regions in South West Queensland.  I am the seventh of nine children.

As a young child I led a semi-traditional life in bush camps and as a fringe dweller on the banks of the Toobeah Reserve.  From an early age my mother and family taught me to follow the seasons to collect and cook bush tucker. My preservation of traditional knowledge and practices exist through my commitment to following seasonal patterns, connection to country and visual representations.

At the age of nine I left school to work in the fields for my father on stations across western Queensland with my brothers and sisters. I never finished primary school, nor went on to start high school, but later in life I went to university to achieve my dream of becoming a teacher. Following this, I became an Early Childhood Teacher and ventured into the Vocational and Educational Training sector to teach Visual Arts.

As a self-taught artist, my visual journey began on my homeland, creating symbols and storylines in the black soil with my digging stick. Today I document those symbols and storylines on different surfaces through my painting.

As a teacher, designer, artist and photographer, I enjoy creating a sense of oneness through my work, taking cues from nature, history and culture.