Chantay Link

Chantay's strategy to overcome "Monday-itis" has led to a new career path as a Laughter Yoga Therapist and a successful business.

Chantay is a Gooreng-Gooreng woman with close links to South East Queensland and the greater Sydney areas who has a passion for bringing happiness to people.

"I first got into laughter therapy when my boss set me a challenge for me to do something about Monday-itis. I researched online for a way to lift the team and for team building exercises and found Laughter Yoga Therapy."

In 2011 Chantay completed a two-day laughter training course in Sydney and after the training implemented a weekly laughter session every Monday at work because they found the team was drained.

She then took the therapy one step further and started her own business called Happiness 101.

"I named my business 'Happiness 101' because of the simplicity of laughter, you don't need props, you can laugh by yourself, it's a basic element of joy."

"It's about finding inner joy and releasing it, it's about finding things that make us feel really good and laughing also brings positive physical benefits.

"I work with groups of 8 to 20 people and have facilitated therapy sessions to a diverse range of audiences that include community groups, choirs and corporate clients. I have received really good feedback from clients I have worked with."

Chantay says she would love to grow her business full time, but until that is possible is grateful for what she has.

"I practice gratitude every day. It's powerful for me in acknowledging everything I have."