Bill Cahill

Bill Cahill is a man who is passionate about the community he lives and works in.

From an early age Bill was inspired by his parents to stand up and have a go. He has always been involved with community organisations and it was community members who encouraged him to run for the council elections, as he always spoke up at public meetings.

Bill was first elected to public office in 2004 as councillor on the former Crows Nest Shire Council. He was elected to his second term with the Toowoomba Regional Council in March 2012 where he chairs the Planning and Development Committee.

Prior to becoming a councillor Bill worked in various jobs that included 20 years with Telstra, but it was his interest and involvement with people that led to public office.

"The work of a councillor is very diverse and this is what makes it interesting", said Bill.

"It is also challenging when dealing with people and I have to remind myself that I can only influence things that are under my control".

Bill remains actively involved in voluntary roles with community organisations and he is the chairperson of Regional Development Australia for the Darling Downs and South Western Region.

Being elected to council and being married for 30 years are some of Bill's greatest achievements.

"I want to squeeze as much into this life as I can", said Bill of his aspirations. "I want to travel more with my wife, remain in local government and to be a good poppy to my grandchildren."

Bill's advice to young people is, "never let anyone tell you that you can't be someone or do something. Ask questions of those who have gone before you as it can save a lot of pain."

Bill is proud of his Aboriginal and Irish heritage and is proud to be part of one of the oldest living cultures in the world.

"Don't settle for second best, always be yourself and don't pretend," is the motto which Bill lives by.