Linda Biumaiwai

My name is Linda Biumaiwai. I am of the Mununjali clan from Beaudesert, part of the Yugambeh language region.

I became fully independent at 16. I moved out of home and went to work for the government. Being young and Indigenous, I faced racism along with the challenges of being underage but was lucky to find there were people to help me and I always maintained a strong connection with my family.

I never finished high school, so going to University was one of my biggest challenges and greatest achievements. My son was the driving force behind my education. How could I tell him to make something of his life if I wasn't prepared to also give it a go? I was lucky enough to win a scholarship and complete a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a double major of Public Relations and Organisational Communication. The support of other Indigenous students and the university's Indigenous unit was vital to my achievement of this academic milestone.

Amongst my other greatest achievements are my many children - and not just the three I gave birth to. I have many that call me mum (aka Mumma Linda) including my precious grannies, and for them to adopt me and put me in such high regard in their lives means the world to me. I share their achievements as if they were mine and am so very proud of all of them.

I feel privileged to now work at Titans 4 Tomorrow with a team who possess the passion, skills, experience and knowledge to make real differences across our communities. Titans 4 Tomorrow is not about the game of rugby league, it is about achieving community outcomes using the opportunities available to a high profile sporting club. We conduct workshops, mentoring, celebrations, and develop partnerships across a number of communities from South East Queensland to Doomadgee. We're working to ensure Indigenous youth have real pathways and can reach their career goals.

I am also a proud member of the Deadly Dreamers, Proud Culture, Proud People which includes myself and the Indigenous first grade Titans players. We ensure our players contribute to Indigenous programs while providing support and guidance to each other.

The world has so much to offer but if you don't believe in yourself then it's all worthless. I hope that I'm contributing to an environment of celebration and pride where my people are all looking to work together rather than competing against each other for the same outcomes.

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