Darryl Saylor

My name is Darryl Saylor. I was born in Ingham and raised in Townsville. I am a descendant of the Manbarra people (Palm Island groups) and Erub, the Eastern Torres Strait Island group, with connection to South Sea Islands.

As I was growing up I learned the importance of working together as a community and to care and provide for each other. Being a father and a grandfather drives me to ensure that my family are equipped with the best of opportunities available to them.

I've been fortunate to work in roles that worked directly with and represented our peoples and influenced areas to aid self-determination.

My life has presented many challenges but the best learnings for me was, and still is, that we are a strong people and we can find strength in a multitude of ways-sometimes we just have to ask.

DESCRIPTION: My deadly story is about the importance of working together.