Aunty Shirley O'Shea

Aunty Shirley O'Shea

Aunty Shirley was born in Brisbane, her mother was from the Badtjala Tribe, and her ancestry on her father’s side is Malaita, East of Guadal Canal (Solomans Islands) and Irish.

Aunty Shirley was raised by my mother and father and is one of nine children and is a proud mother of 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.

“Mum and Dad always taught us to be respectful, honest and truthful and this is what I pass onto my children, my children are my life and teaching my children is what I live for”.

Growing up Aunty Shirley never attended high school however believes education is a significant role in today’s society and lives by the quote “knowledge is power”.

At the age of 63 Aunty Shirley first stepped foot into University, after two years of study Aunty Shirley will be one of four to graduate with a Diploma of Natural and Cultural Resources Management at Deakin University at Geelong, Victoria.

“There is opportunity for young people to get a higher education, there were hard times when I felt like giving up but I pushed through all the struggles, there were a lot of late nights and early morning starts completing assessments but if I can do it at this age then you can too”.

Aunty Shirley plays an active role in the community and with the knowledge learns she will pass onto our people.

“Everything happens for a reason – you are never too old to achieve your dreams”.