Walter Pool

My name is Walter Pool.

As a mechanic I spend my days helping my community members get back on the road. Funnily enough, this work helped me to get my own life back in control and on the road again.

After a battle with depression and drug addiction, I knew I needed to start over.

My deadly story starts with a new career as a mechanic and recently I became the first person to complete my qualification locally in Doomadgee.

It's been a long path with many rough and tiring detours. I have finished my apprenticeship, I play for the Doomadgee Dragons and I am a proud father of three beautiful kids.

They say at the start of a great journey, you have to take the first step. But with my story, I had to see where I was going first. Now each step gets me closer to where I want to be.

DESCRIPTION: My deadly story is about getting back on track