Stephanie King

My name is Stephanie King. I am a Wannyi-Garawa woman who lives in Mount Isa.

My path to a career in medical research started with the health problems, cancers and chronic diseases in my family. I wanted to do something in health. I felt that if I could make a small difference in my family then I would help to improve the health situation locally.

These days I am a research trainee with the Mount Isa Centre for Rural and Remote Health. As an Indigenous researcher I get to play a part in shaping research, ensuring it's appropriate for us and takes into account our Indigenous ways of doing things.

I am the first from my immediate family to graduate university, so it's a wonderful achievement for my family and community. I think that by striving to be a good role model, and leading by example, I am helping to create change for the better in my community.

DESCRIPTION: Photography by Michaelangelo Grimaldi.