Sorren Owens

After finishing an apprenticeship as a diesel fitter, Normanton's Sorren Owens realised he wanted to change career paths and do more to help his community.

"I left diesel fitting so I could give back to the community," he said.

"I am passionate about closing the gap for Indigenous people-I'm focussing on healthy lifestyles and promoting sport and exercise."

The trainee health worker has turned that passion into action, having been involved in numerous projects to make health, fitness and sport part of the lives of the people in his community.

"It's always been a passion of mine," he said.

"When I left school I came back as a sport and recreation officer and got cricket up and running, and went to the Alice Cup in Alice Springs.

"I also got rugby league going with the Normanton Stingers and in 2004 we went to five carnivals.

"In 2006 we entered the Mid West Rugby League carnival and had seven teams and league has been a regular sport here ever since.

"We have three local cricket teams that play in the rugby league off season."

But Sorren's work isn't just for the sports mad. He's also been involved in projects aimed at people who just want to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

"I recently ran the Biggest Loser competition for 12 weeks.
"It went really well and we ended up with 20 people. We ran gym sessions and educated people around health and wellbeing.

"It's about trying to change old habits and bring a new healthy culture to the community."

But there is still a lot left on the agenda for this active community worker who also runs the Normanton Men's Group.

"I'm currently doing a cert III in the health industry and I plan to move into the Social and Emotional Wellbeing team with Central and North West Queensland Medicare Local," he said.

"I want to contribute further to the Stingers Football Club and would like to get more programs running out of the club.

"I want to target the 16 to 25 age group who often miss out. I want to get kids involved with sport."