Sonya Sant

At the age of 14, Mount Isa woman Sonya Sant's life changed in an instant when she became a model and began travelling all over Australia. And her life has not slowed down ever since!

"I've travelled the country and the Islands through modelling and my hospitality trade," she said.

"My mother was strict on us children, so I was a babysitter, cleaner, decorator and entertainer and I guess a role model to the younger ones.

"Being chosen at 14 and a half years old I was just ecstatic how many modelling jobs were on offer for me at any time, anywhere-gifted from my stunning ancestors of Moa Aboriginal, German and French.

"I'm a proud, mature Indigenous woman that has lived the high life but have returned home to my country to enjoy my surrounds, my family and hopefully make a change for the future of our youth."

Since giving up the life of a model, Sonya has played many roles and overcome many different challenges.

"Working in the Mount Isa Westpac Bank was fantastic delivering customer service to clients, however there were some discrepancies due to the female to male ratio balance," she said.
Apart from working at the local bank, Sonya has also worked for Xstrata and gone back to her roots in the modelling world by coordinating and choreographing the Queensland Fashion Awards held in Townsville.

But these days, she's busy running two businesses, one cleaning business and a deportment and grooming business focussed at young people in her local community.

"I want to empower youth within their community to have the ability to achieve whatever goals they desire," she said.

"Hopefully I can be part of a positive change for the youth so they can realise their dreams like I have."