Sheniece Lee

Sheniece Lee has a strong determination in her education and her future dreams.

Sheniece, a young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman, grew up in Townsville. She has found that having a positive education provides opportunities to succeed into the future.

In 2011, Shenience has been elected Northern Beaches State High School's School Captain for 2012. She said the process of election was tough but was worth it.

"This is a great opportunity for me to create a difference in my school and being an Indigenous person, I want to show other peers that if you have a dream then go for it."

Sheniece is actively involved in the community through her participation in club sports and a regular attendee in NAIDOC activities. Throughout her community involvement she has maintained her level of commitment to her studies and her after school job.

Her goal in life is to be successful and to make something of herself. She intends to complete her Queensland Certificate of Education and further her studies by completing a Bachelor of Commerce through the University of New South Wales.

"Once I complete my degree I plan to move overseas to England or America to continue my career path."

The inspiration in her life is herself.

"I push myself to do the best of my ability at everything I do, without anything stopping me."

She said that her family has been a huge motivation to her, as most of her family hasn't completed high school and that she would be honoured to accomplish this achievement for them.

"To get to where I am today takes a lot of patience and persistence, to ignore those that put you down and to focus mainly on your school work," says Sheniece.

Her advice to other Indigenous students is "education is your future, if you wish to have a good future and make something of yourself; education and knowledge will always be there for you."