Sam Bliss

Sam Bliss

Being a leader is something that has come naturally for Mackay woman Sam Bliss.

After being school captain at Pioneer State High School she has had her sights set on leading the way to positive change for her community.

“After graduating from high school I completed 12 months of university studies before starting my career in the Queensland Police Service (QPS)”, she said.

“I have been employed by the QPS for almost 20 years and have committed to serving in South Brisbane, Cairns, Toowoomba and currently in the Mackay area”.

For Sam, a desire to influence change led her to her passion working in child protection.

“(It was) identifying that there was an overrepresentation of Indigenous children in our child safety system and youth justice system.

“I wanted an opportunity to decrease these numbers by assisting in providing supports to community and families.

“I believe that working on improving Indigenous-police relations will assist in attempting to reduce Indigenous crime and imprisonment and keep our children out of the child safety system.

“Being a police officer, I thrive on being active within the community,” she said.

This involvement is varied and includes youth welfare programs, sporting participation, child protection issues, family engagement and education programs.

Through these programs I have witnessed the behaviour and aptitude of participants change.

This has ultimately led to a positive change in young people’s lives with a reconnection to their culture and family.

As someone who works closely with young people all the time, Sam has some great words of advice for those looking to create for themselves a successful future and she knows a thing or two about achieving big things.

“I am currently completing senior development training to become Queensland’s first Indigenous female commissioned officer,” she said.

“(You have to) set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them”, she said.

Be respectful and never give up, no matter how hard life gets.

There is that much support out there to assist in this process, just ask!

And finally, believe in yourself.