Liz Clarke

The journey of the "Closing the Gap" campaign took a giant leap along another path due to the initiative of a bright young Generation Y lady named Liz Clarke.

In 2009 Liz commenced her own initiative, "Closing the Gap at Christmas", with her energy and drive resulting in generous donations of Christmas gifts. The Cherbourg and greater Brisbane Indigenous communities were the first recipients of the initial gift drive.

At her workplace, Liz has forwarded emails, put up posters and sought assistance of her friends and colleagues to support her "gift drive". Her endeavours have been very successful.

In her spare time she tirelessly loaded hundreds of gifts into her car and drove to Cherbourg to deliver them to the Elders. The surplus of gifts from her trip to Cherbourg were kindly distributed to the greater Brisbane Indigenous community.

Last year, Christmas 2010, Liz's wonderful initiative was fostered by staff from the Department of Community Safety which generated over 500 gifts for the Woorabinda Indigenous Community. Again surplus gifts were provided to the nearby Rockhampton Indigenous community.

This year, Liz will once again devote her time to running this initiative. She is a caring person whose drive and commitment to her fellow Indigenous people is leading others on a path to "Closing the Gap" at Christmas.

DESCRIPTION: Liz Clarke, daughter of Uncle Norm Clark, inspiring others in the Closing the Gap campaign.