Latara Saltner

Like most girls her age, Latara Saltner is busy juggling secondary school studies, part time work, hobbies and time with her friends and her family.

But Latara also has the added responsibility of being identified as a role model for other students at her high school after being named the Indigenous Captain in 2011.

"Becoming the Indigenous Captain of Kirwan State High School would have to be one of my biggest achievements," she said.

"I think I am making a difference in the local community because I am helping the younger kids to understand that school is very important.

"I - along with other Indigenous students at Kirwan High - am rewarding kids who improve on their attendance and work achievements. Hopefully this encourages them to do better in school."

After she graduates from Kirwan at the end of 2011, Latara wants to go to university to study either law or education.

Apart from doing her best to inspire her peers to succeed in their education, Latara has a strong sense of pride in her culture as a young Bindal and Birri-gubba woman.

"I am proud to be Aboriginal and South Sea Islander because I came from a line of very strong people," she said.

"It encourages me and I'm sure a lot of other young Indigenous kids, that if our ancestors can go through all that pain and still have their heads held high, we can achieve anything we want - the sky is the limit."