Kurtis Cassady

Former Ingham State School Indigenous Student Leader Kurtis Cassady had many achievements to celebrate when he graduated in November 2012.

Not only did he secure an apprenticeship with Sucrogen as a boilermaker, but he has also been recognised as a fantastic role model and mentor for fellow students.

Kurtis started off his senior year by winning a Defence Force scholarship to assist him with furthering his education.

He also applied to do a week of work experience with National Broadband Australia in Canberra. His successful application sent him along with three other students to Canberra for the program.

With his deep passion for sports, Kurtis was also involved in numerous sporting programs throughout his senior year.

Some of the awards that he received included Player of the Year for school rugby league; open age champion school award; and Player of the Year for the Cutters Rugby Club.

Kurtis was also chosen to play in Toowoomba for the state championshipsas a member of the Brolgas Rugby Union team.

If all his leadership and sporting prowess was not enough, Kurtis was also heavily involved in his school community and played a vital role in implementing activities during the NAIDOC celebrations.

He joined the school's island dancing team to perform at the primary school and various community events, and was chosen as the school's Indigenous Student Ambassador for the Cowboys Learn, Earn, Legend! Program.

To cap off a successful year, the all-rounder was recognised for his numerous achievements at the Ingham State High School Awards Night.

He took home a number of awards, including a Merit for Studies, a Merit for School Services, and the Ingham State High Bronze Rugby League Award.