Joey Sariman

My name is Joey Sariman and I am from PNG and Torres Strait Island and currently attend Thuringowa State High School. I'm in Year 11 and about to go on to Year 12.

I am currently doing work experience with the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships and it is great. I love it here. They are all friendly and caring.

School can be boring for some other kids and some kids just love going to school. For myself I didn't really like school but then when I got to Year 10 and 11, I started liking school. Now, I'd like to finish school and I want to get a trade and go into the army.

I am taking part in a program with the Cowboys Learn Earn Legend which helps young Indigenous people find a full time job, apprenticeship or scholarship. My goal for this year is to finish school and complete Year 11 and 12 and get a good trade or an apprenticeship or get a full time job.

My biggest achievement is going through school and completing every year, even though I didn't like going to school. I am very happy.

The biggest challenge that I faced and overcame throughout my life was getting kicked out of home by my Dad. I didn't have anywhere to stay and spent a little while staying with friends. Now I am living with my mate from primary school and his family who treat me like another member of the family. I have been staying there for two years and I just love staying with them and having their company.

My advice to the young Indigenous people is to listen to your parents and do what they ask you to do, because they won't be around forever. Also, go to school and try your best to get good grades so that you can get scholarships or jobs or whatever you want to do.

No one can get you through your future, the future is yours so try hard at school and learn as much as you can because no one will go find a job for you, only you can.