Gordon Hookey

I was born and grew up in Cloncurry, North Queensland, on Mitakoodi traditional country. My people are Waanyi, our lands are further up North.

I have always been an artist, I just did not know it whilst I was growing up. I have always seen things differently and felt differently from everyone else, whilst at the same time trying to fit in. It was through travel, both nationally and internationally that I realised my true calling.

Art to me is about our humanity, an expression of who we are at a place in time. My creativity resides on the interface where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures meet, I sought to address issues at this space. I am very interested in what's happening internationally and how it impacts upon us.

I try to think globally and enact my perceptions locally and individually.
One of my major concerns is the injustice pertaining to land, property, and the ever increasing gap between the small minority rich and the massive majority poor. My concepts and ideas are articulated through drawing, printing painting, sculpture, installation and more recently animation.

I utilise a multitude of devices to seduce and interest the viewer, such as vibrant colours, witty text, humour, metaphor poetry and composition.

If only I engage one person with my art, it has been worthwhile, as it is more of a crime to be ignored.