Michael Douglas

My name is Michael Douglas. I was born in Brisbane, into a large family and have traditional family ties to the Kabi Kabi people and South Sea Island (Tanna Island).

My deadly story starts later in life. From the age of 57, I have gained my Certificate III in Youth Work, been a Director of a Commonwealth Development and Employment program, been chair of two Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations, been a Queensland Parole board member for five years, and am now a Senior Police Liaison Officer with the Queensland Police Service.

When I reflect back on my life, I am proud of what I have achieved so far, considering I left school at the age of 14.

If I can do this all of this at my age, imagine the accomplishments and success that the young kids of today can achieve. Life is shaped by your thoughts-think success, think positive, and you can achieve too.

DESCRIPTION: My deadly story is about achieving your dreams