Fred Leone - CEO of Impossible Odds

My name is Fred Leone I'm a musician/ artist with traditional ties to Butchulla and Waanyi Garawa country, and South Sea Islander descent.
I'm the front man for the hip hop group Impossible Odds, which expresses issues facing aboriginal people through music; I'm proud of my culture and determined to see positive changes.

Growing up there were limited positive role models, it was easy to fall into the trap of following the wrong crowd, and I believe feelings and emotions expressed negatively can impact on you and your family leading into a downward spiral.

I find that music is a productive outlet especially for young Murri's to express their feelings constructively, I am currently working on an Indigenous Music Development programme.

I also do cultural dancing and get fired up when young people don't want to learn about their culture, I believe there are too many distractions before them and they loose their connection to language, dance and customs. We need to realise when elders pass its important to know and document their stories.

I enjoy the messages conveyed through our music; young people are learning and singing these stories, they are for all of community to hear without being confrontational.

I would like young people to stay positive; Impossible Odds were finalists in the Deadly Awards in 2008 and 2010 and were selected in two finalist spots in the 21010 Q SONG Awards,
In the categories of Urban and Song of the Year for their track 'Soul of troubadour' which won the Urban category.

Impossible Odds Rhymes with a gifted conscientious and mindful approach that articulates the vast struggle our people have suffered. Listening to the music of Impossible Odds is power and knowledge.

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