De Yindimincarlie

De Greer-Yindimincarlie is from Wiradjuri Nation in Central West NSW - Dubbo.

De lives on the Sunshine Coast and is a renowned artist; delving into graphic art, music, workshops, recording, media, film-making, mentoring and public speaking.

In the past De has worked as a chef, youth worker and completed her Bachelor of Nursing Science but her passion has always been with music, art and creating.

Before arriving in Queensland De went through some personal challenges that left her feeling very disillusioned with life, and she experienced a period of deep depression. At this time De found if very difficult to exist outside, and scarcely left her home for three years. De recalls how difficult it was to function with the medication doctors had prescribed for her. With assistance from the local Indigenous health centre and her own self will she found a more positive place to exist.

De said through her workshops she enjoys giving people the opportunity to experience something new, and to literally see and hear the inspiration that's been given to an individual is pretty powerful. De takes great pleasure in teaching people about music, art, film, graphics, life and Aboriginal culture, and showing others how to appreciate the little things in life. She is inspired by the sounds of birds, kids laughing and the ocean.

One of De's favourite quotes is - it's not what you are that holds you back it's what you think you're not - Dennis Waitley.

De says this is so important to know and understand.

De attempts to share with others.

"The choices we make start us on a journey."

She explains to the children in her workshops and mentoring, at the end of every decision is a consequence, and when we make a choice to do something we not only accept the choice, but also the consequence.

De as a musician has had the privilege to share the stage with some pretty extraordinary musicians, they include The Waifs, Tiddas, Wolf mother, Kev Carmody, Andrew Ferris, INXS and more.

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DESCRIPTION: De is an award winning Aboriginal artist, winning the 2008 South East QLD NAIDOC award for distinguished services in the Visual Arts Industry, and in 2011 De was a 'DEADLY' award nominee for 'Visual artist of the year'.