Dale Chapman

Dale Chapman is taking her world to the world.

Dale's passionate about Australian bush tucker - its nutrition, its health benefits and its links with traditional life. She's cooked it, taught about it and, since 2000, has been running her own business - Dilly Bag Bush Tucker Products - selling it.

Now, it's about to explode onto the world stage.

This year she launched Coolamon Food Creations, an export business that will take Australian bush tucker around the globe.

First stop is India. Queensland Indian palettes have been trialling Dale's new range of curry sauces, all of them with bush tucker flavours. She's perfected the brews, arranged distributors and is about to send her first batches to the sub-continent.

And that will be the launching pad for the rest of the world. "We're going to go everywhere. If you're going to hit one country, you might as well hit them all - the Middle East, Europe and America," she said.

It's not bad for the young girl from Dirranbandi who learned to cook at her mother's side from the age of four. Dale's now had 31 years in the food industry and can whip up anything from contemporary Australian to fine French cuisine. However, it is Australian bush tucker that has captured her imagination and dominates her world.

Her secret? Passion.

"I believe in my product. When you have a belief, people see that and engage with you more," Dale said.

DESCRIPTION: Dale Chapman, Chef and Teacher