Cynthia Browning

Cynthia Browning

Cynthia Browning (nee Nagas) was fortunate growing up, she lived on the New South Wales Coast in the peaceful town of Fingal, and her country is Bundjalung with customary ties to Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

As a child Cynthia didn’t find racism an issue living in a small coastal town, she said you just respected the Australian way of life and we all lived together amicably. If you heard a racist remark dad would say, “They have bad eyesight; don’t get upset over colour because while you’re busy hating you have no room for love.” For Cynthia school finished in year 7, she then had several jobs from picking beans and tobacco to working on a station.

Her father was an extremely significant person throughout Cynthia’s life, she recalls her dad telling her lots of insightful stories, such as “you only have one life to live, while your busy trying to get back at someone, you’re not living your life.” Cynthia didn’t realise the significance of these statements until she was much older, then she started to appreciate the wisdom her dad was trying to teach her.

Another very powerful saying Cynthia recalls from her father is “women were made from man’s rib … not his hand to be hit with… not his foot to be walked on… not his head to be ruled by…  but out of his side to walk alongside.”

Cynthia is a respected elder, a proud mother and grandmother with a great sense of humour, she is a charismatic woman who believes that being responsible is something we need to become. She believes too many parents blame others for their children’s deeds;   you need to own your actions and respect yourself, before anyone else will.

Our young ones need their parents to start showing an interest in them at an early age.

People who know Cynthia accept her for the person she is, because she believes,” as soon as I try to change I’m not living my life my way.”