Bianca Bond

Bianca Bond is a motivated young woman from the Sunshine Coast (Kabi Kabi), who is passionate and dedicated to her culture and holds traditional values in our contemporary times.

In 2010 Bianca received the young citizen of the year award by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. Bianca wears many hats in community and her work demonstrates these remarkable skills she displays through her varied roles.

When Bianca was seventeen she moved to Sydney. This was a very negative time in her life that led her to become quite isolated and make wrong choices; because of these choices she nearly lost her life.

She had a head on collision which left her in a wheelchair and was told by doctors she would never walk again. Bianca spent ten months in a wheelchair and had to learn to talk, eat and walk amongst other things. All this while being a single mum, Bianca says she wouldn't change anything though because this path, has made her strong and quite resilient. Bianca defied the odds and never looked back, and appreciates what she has now.

Bianca said seeing the growth of individuals in the community and the cultural activism which is becoming stronger, motivates her to continue doing the community work she enjoys. She said it's rewarding, seeing the Aboriginal community strengthening and building relationships between each other and the non-Indigenous community.

Bianca was a key stakeholder in the development and endorsement of the 'Reconciliation Action Plan' with local government and community on the Sunshine Coast; this is the first local government in Queensland to take on the Reconciliation Action Plan.

Bianca says she's inspired by the late Mahatma Ghandi and his non-violence stance against the oppression of his people and the way he embraced diversity and ethnicity.

DESCRIPTION: Photography by Tony Phillips, Profile Photographics.