Alan Parsons

Alan C. Parsons was born in Charleville and has traditional links to the Bidjira/Yiman people in Central Queensland. Alan is a recognised artist who was encouraged to explore his talents at a local community centre in 2004 and discovered a strong cultural affinity to his artistic expression. He has recently completed a commissioned piece of art for the North Lakes Health Precinct, an Aboriginal mural on a decommissioned kidney dialysis machine, which the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community will have as a cultural connection to good health.

Alan was unaware of his Aboriginal heritage until he was in his thirties, and in 1987 he was able to find his family and country. He said it was so important to make "the connection" to be able to begin to understand his cultural identity and belonging.

Alan enjoys participating in the community in which he resides and spends a lot of his time volunteering. He has a real passion for working with the local area, especially the Aboriginal community and specifically the disability sector.

Alan said one of his biggest highlights was in 2005 when he was given the opportunity to work with various people from the community, non-government agencies and government to provide input on amendments to legislation impacting on individuals with a disability.

When asked what inspires him, Alan replied: "People with a disability proving that they are more than capable". He believes one of the biggest challenges for people with a disability is a lack of understanding among others. "It is the greatest challenge because you can't be responsible for the attitudes of others but you can be in control of your own," he said.

Alan sees his involvement in disability services, reconnecting to his community, his culture and family as an opportunity to 'push boundaries', 'encourage inclusion', and to seek opportunities to promote integration of 'cultural awareness'.

Alan C. Parsons, recognised aboriginal artist, active community member and advocate for people with a disability.

DESCRIPTION: Alan believes the "The best way ? is to lead by example. I have become a believer in trying not to allow negative energy to erode into my self-esteem."