Trevor Tim

When you meet Trevor Tim you can't help but be drawn into his positive and exciting world and start seeing your own life with different eyes.

Trevor Tim, a descendant of the Kalkadoon people in Mount Isa/Cloncurry from his Father's side and a Darnley Island descendant in the Torres Strait on his Mother's side says he has never drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes.

"I've had a good, healthy life with no smoking or drinking at all," Trevor sings.

And with such a positive outlook and lifestyle it doesn't surprise many that he would find himself in a business that helps people to find and achieve success in their life.

"My business 'Success with Attitude' began 12 years ago with business partner Bram Collins whom he met while talking to a group of students at a Cairns High School.

Both Bram and Trevor were working in the tourism industry at that time and both read the same books and practically looked at the world with the same eyes.

Trevor, a father of four and loving husband to wife Jackie, is also currently the Cultural Ambassador with Cultural Place in Cairns City Place.

Trevor credits his healthy and positive outlook on life to his up bringing.

Both his parents commanded love, respect and guidance and they provided his family with a good foundation that he now models his family on.

"Everything good or bad I've accepted positively as a part of learning for my life.

"Where I've been, where I am going, I have done as my own decision and no one else."

Trevor hopes that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can rise up and be accountable.

"We need to get away from the 'Poor Black Fella' attitude," Trevor said.

"I believe as Indigenous people we are rich in our skin, colour, and culture.

"We need to get proactive and turn our culture into a business."

So what is Trevor's final advice for everyone?

"God's gift to you is life; what you do with that life is your gift to God."