Tkido Titasey

T'kido Titasey.

T'kido Titasey is a young Torres Strait Island man who wants to prove to his generation and future generations that you can achieve anything once you put your mind to it.

He was born in Atherton on the tablelands south-west of Cairns, but grew up on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.

T'kido had dreams of pursuing a career in medicine with acting on the side.

"My initial dream was to become a doctor, however that changed when I was offered the Hollywood Immersive Acting Scholarship at the end of 2011," T'kido said.

The Grandson of Ina Mills one of the famed Mills Sisters, T'kido is a descendant of the Muralag and Kala Lagaw Ya tribe in the Torres Strait.

"My inspiration would definitely be my grandmother because she is very supportive and she has been in the acting and music industry herself," he says.

In 2012, T'kido travelled to the United States after he was awarded the Hollywood Immersive Acting Scholarship.

"I auditioned as a student that had just been diagnosed with leukaemia, and I did a personal reflection on my life," he said.

At the time he was told he won the award, T'kido was in a drama exam and couldn't focus on the questions because he was so excited.

"I winged the exam and managed to pass," T'kido laughed.

"It was a thrilling day!"

Even though T'kido has a passion for acting he is still determined to become a doctor.

"This is because I want to be able to help people, especially my people," T'kido said.

T'kido says he will do acting as a hobby on the side but believes that you can do anything once you put your mind to it.

"It is all about believing in yourself and breaking down the barriers," T'kido said.

"If I can do it, you can do it."