Stacey King

For many years now young people from the small Yarrabah community have become leaders and inspirational role models for their family and community.

Like many of past and presenter leaders, Stacey Mundraby wanted to shake of the stigma that many Australians believe about young people and prove that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Born in a well known Yarrabah family, Stacey comes from a long line of Yidinji and Gunganji people.

She left Yarrabah at the tender age of 14 to begin boarding school, at Saint Patricks in Townsville.

After school she took a university bridging course at James Cook University and worked for Dija Meta for a couple of months looking after the Elders and Seniors in the Cairns Far North Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

After working there she was awarded an apprentice traineeship.

And although she left her family and community she has always had them in her heart.

Stacey married and moved to Melbourne in 2003, fell pregnant and had her baby daughter whom she says is her biggest achievement yet.

"I named her Shatarna but my grandfather named her Way Way, which is a Yidinji name meaning 'strong wind'." Stacey said.

"Pop was lying in bed and a whirly wind came in as a sign that she was born and that's how she got that name."

Her Grandfather Vincent Mundraby is one of her biggest role models and inspiration.

"With my Grandfather's influence and working for Jason O'Brien (former State Member for Cook), I have developed the taste for politics." Stacey said.

"In the future I want to study for a degree in political science and work for local government on the council."

While working for Jason O'Brien, Stacey came across many opportunities in the field of politics and she also met former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd while working for Jim Turnour (former Federal Member for Leichhardt).

Although she is in the early stages of her working life she has been around long enough to know what is important, especially for the young people like herself.

"Education is the key to success," advises Stacey.