Sergeant Stephen Tillett

Sergeant Stephen Tillett has two major achievements in his life that include football and the Police Service.

Sergeant Tillett, whose mother is a Torres Strait Islander woman from St Paul on Moa Island , became a Police Officer 15 years ago and is currently in the charge of the Cross Cultural Liaison Unit for the Far Northern Region.

"I have enjoyed working in places like Cairns, Lockhart River, Normanton and Pormpuraaw," Sergeant Tillett says.

"My current role as the Cross Cultural Liaison Officer also takes me to the communities up the Cape and in the Torres Strait."

But apart from becoming a Police Officer his other major achievement in his life was playing for the North Queensland Cowboys in 1995 and 1996.

Sergeant Tillett says his other list of highlights include being the former Deputy Chairman of AFL Cape York and a current member of the Australian Rugby League Indigenous Council.

"My journey started when I was young and I started playing rugby league which helped me develop important communication, discipline, leadership and commitment skills," he says.

"This sparked my interest to follow my football dreams and I ended up achieving this when I played for the North Queensland Cowboys for two years."

Equipped with the crucial skills he inherited through his love of sport, Sergeant Tillett decided to apply for a traineeship with the Queensland Police Service and completed a Diploma of Justice Studies (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) that earned him a spot with the Police Academy.

"This was one of the significant turning points which included my growing interest in becoming a Police Officer while I was completing the Diploma of Justice Studies at TAFE in Innisfail," says Sergeant Tillett.

Sergeant Tillett encourages other young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to think about joining the Queensland Police Service.

"I think it is important to keep challenging yourself to be the best person you can and throughout your journey, respect yourself, respect your family, respect your community and respect your culture," he says.