Nicole Ramsamy

My name is Nicole Ramsamy and I hail from the Cairns area.

My mother is of Aboriginal descent and my grandmother came from the Kuku Yalanji people near the Bloomfield River area in Queensland. My grandmother on my father's side was from Boigu Island in the Torres Straits.

I have been inspired by my mother who was a senior health worker in the Cape. She was one of those people, who was readily available to help others. Aboriginal people who had lots of different medical conditions would come for medical aid; often with nowhere to stay and in need of clothes, food etc. I was moved by how my mother wanted to support people. She would follow-up with them to provide whatever she could as they had very little.

With my mother having a background in health and in wanting to help others, I was always destined to follow in her footsteps.

I am currently employed as a nurse in Weipa and am now part of the Cape York Health Service District Office. Prior to this I worked at the Pompuraaw Health Centre for over nine years.

One of my biggest achievements was finishing my studies while living in Pompuraaw. It wasn't easy - especially as a single mum - but I got the job done. I was the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person to graduate as a Nurse Practitioner in Queensland.

Getting my credentials is something I am very proud of. I've got a Bachelor of Nursing and a Masters of Midwifery; and I was the first Indigenous person to achieve that accolade too.

When people wonder what inspires me I say using my credentials and being able to work with and help people in my capacity as a registered nurse, registered midwife, or in a nurse practitioners role.

I want to see people do well. I want to see patients with smiles on their faces, getting better and working towards their health goals. As for chronic disease, I would like to assist people who are non-compliant with medication and get them to be compliant so they can feel well and get back on medication.

I also want to work with my credentials in a remote setting because rarely can you attract people to those locations.

In the clinical environment, I want to influence committees and sub-committees in remote communities to give guidance to our communities on how we deliver our services. I want to assist in identifying what is working and what is not working and strive to make a difference.

On a personal note I have two children; a 17 year old and 1 year old. My son went away to boarding school, but I expect he will come back to the community where he will spend time hunting, gathering and connecting to his grass roots.

My name is Nicole Ramsamy and this is my deadly story so far.