Nathan Mundraby

My name is Nathan Mundraby. I am an artist and a didgeridoo player. I have performed with Hugh Jackman and have been travelling the world for my art.
I have a great message for young people - don't give up. I didn't do great at school. When I sat down with the teachers and tried to study, my mind wouldn't focus. I'd get angry and walk off. I left school at 14. I always brought myself down for my literacy and numeracy.

When I was angry, I found drawing settled me down. I learned the guitar and started writing my own songs. I started selling my art. I didn't get much at first but then I ran into a studio called Universal Joint. They showed me how to run a business and what my art was really worth.

I got picked up by a project called Nomad Two Worlds. It promotes Indigenous art all over the world. When I was in Los Angeles in the US for one of our exhibitions, I met Hugh Jackman, the actor. A while later, he called me about playing the didigerdoo in his new show, called 'Hugh Jackman - Back on Broadway'.

Near the end of the show, two of us (me and Paul Boon) walk through the audience playing the didg and Clifton Bieundurry came behind, singing. When we got on stage, Olive Knight came on and sang in her language. People in the audience cried and we got a standing ovation every show.

I'm back home now and going to start my own business.

So that's my message - if I can do it, so can you. Don't give up just because you have a knock back. Look for positive people and trust in yourself.

I am is a descendant of Jabulum Mandingalbay Clan - Yidinji Rainforest People and Lama Lama Tribe - Thaypan Country. I am a seventh generation descendant of a proud Mandingalbay woman and Tablelands Yidinji/Djirrbal man. I have the Djirrbal Indigenous given name of Midin (possum) given by my father's mother - Dowiti Yarrakali. My Yidinji tribal name is Yabulam (black cane). I was named after a great tribal elder of generations past. I was taught by his grandparents, parents and Aboriginal Elders of the ways of my 'people' through stories, dancing and art.

DESCRIPTION: Nathan Mundraby - artist, didgeridoo player and friend of Hugh Jackman.