Lucretia Creek

Lucretia Creek is a young Kaantju and Ayaparthu woman from Coen, in Cape York, who is making a difference for her mob by helping them become fitter and healthier.

After experiencing the heartbreaking loss of a beloved family member, Lucretia started to motivate and educate family members about giving up alcohol, smoking, fatty foods and sweets, and increasing exercise.

"The 'Let's Get Fit' program is very basic with the main priority of getting people into fitness and eating healthier and therefore leading a healthier lifestyle," Lucretia said.

"My role is to motivate people and educate them informally on the effects of excess alcohol, fatty foods, too much sugar and lack of physical activity."

Lucretia had no qualified assistance when she first started this program in early 2012, but was able to access the internet and other resources with the help of Kalan Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation, a locally owned and operated Indigenous enterprise in Coen.

She began by accessing the gym in Coen that was set up through the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP).

She encourages each individual to eat healthy and exercise on their own.

"This is why I prefer not to be referred to as an organiser, facilitator, manager or any other title because this program is community driven and the people do it for themselves.

"I believe the main reason for the program's success is my approach. I don't hound people when they don't exercise, when they drink a soft-drink, or eat a chocolate bar.

"Rather I allow them to make a positive change or changes for themselves on their own terms."

With very few challenges it wasn't hard for Lucretia to create the program by researching the internet and speaking with health workers in the Coen community about how to live a healthier lifestyle.

She was encouraged when people shared their success stories about making big changes with their lifestyle around food and exercise.

"It's very hard to do and I know because I was so accustomed to these foods and their flavours, but it can be done."