Lilly Matthew

Lilly Matthew.

Lilly Matthew has proven that as a young Torres Strait Islander woman you can achieve good things in a male dominated area like the construction industry.

After leaving school and joining NEATO Employment Service she enrolled in the MiHaven construction course.

While at MiHaven Lilly learnt and gained experience in the retail and warehousing area.

She gained practical experience with Collins Warehousing learning to stack, pack, receive and count stock.

MiHaven also provided her with training in tiling, flooring and fencing through their residential construction course.

With the guidance of MiHaven’s Industry Liaison Officer Robbie Goulding, Lilly was able to obtain a possible job opportunity with Hip Pocket Retailing. Lilly was given a weeks work experience, however she was not yet one hundred per cent certain that she had the confidence to deal with the challenges of dealing with the general public in the retail world.

The MiHaven team reviewed Lilly’s strengths and decided to give her an opportunity of working in administration with the company. Lilly is now working full-time for MiHaven as Administration Assistant for the MiHaven Training School. Sarah Mort, co-owner and Director of MiHaven, said “Lilly is flourishing in this role, and with the full the support of our team, she is growing more confident every day and has a very bright future with us”. 

Lilly has learnt that if you just get out there and stick with the training you can gain many opportunities.

“If you look for a job, just stick to it and you will get the money you want to do the things you want to do and go to places you want to,” says Lilly.